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Volume 25, Number 2, Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Fort crowd opposes WEXIT

Our boy is in trouble again. And rightly so.

Local Member of Parliament Garnett Genuis is again pushing his Pro-Life, anti-abortion agenda and has now added Wexit to the mix.

Both were included in his recent mail out to constituents paid for by taxpayers. This Christmas message asked us for input into the issues he should be fighting for, and added two special sections for Alberta separatism and abortion.

Genuis has repeatedly denied his Pro-Life agenda, but keeps bringing it up.

Prior to the election, he twice deflected questions about his stand on this issue at both the Fort Saskatchewan and Sherwood Park all-candidate forums.

He then proceeded to post a video on his own Facebook feed warning Conservative supporters that the Liberals and NDP would never allow the abortion debate to be brought back to Parliament.

Why warn us of this if he wasn't going to bring it up?

Well, now he has.

Genuis has every right to be Pro-Life. It is a perfectly legitimate position to hold.

It just isn't a particularly popular position with voters, and Genuis knows this.

Rather than admitting the glaringly obvious, he continues to deflect and deny. When pushed, he attacks with the utterly false claim that he is being victimized for being Christian.

Sure he is. He's also attacked for being white and a man.

Being a good Christian can mean many things. Many Christians are Pro-Life. Many are not. But I am confident that all good Christians are supposed to tell the truth.

Genuis continues to lie about this issue. He continues to say one thing to the general public that he is supposed to represent, say another to his Conservative supporters and act in another way entirely.

I look forward to the day our young Member of Parliament grows up and admits who he is and what he really stands for.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Fort takes step towards diversityNEWS/Entries/2020/1/16_Fort_takes_step_towards_diversity.html

Local MP showing true colours

Negotiate, don't separate, and don't touch our pension plan, Fort Saskatchewan speakers told the Alberta government's Fair Deal Panel Thursday.

About 125 people attended the Jan. 9 hearing at the Dow Centennial Centre, including quite a few from out of town.

Wexit and proposals being considered by the panel such as creating a made-in-Alberta pension plan were supported by several out of town visitors, but almost no one from Fort Saskatchewan.

The majority of those speaking to the panel urged a more friendly approach to solving our problems. Alberta separatism is only hurting us, noted one speaker. "Building a firewall around us chases people away."

"Albertans better start thinking of what this bombastic posturing is doing to the economy," added another speaker.

Despite a plea from the meeting moderator not to speak on UCP fiscal plans, several speakers were critical of government policies.

A Grade 12 student from Sherwood Park made an impassioned plea to focus more on the environment. "Climate change is real — it is not a communist plot," she said, responding to an earlier out of town speaker who actually said it was.

The panel is to make a report by the end of March.

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020