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Volume 24, Number 41, Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Small turnout for Fort forum

Many are saying we don't have good choices in this federal election. I disagree.

We certainly have a wide range of platforms to choose from both in Canada as a whole and even right here in conservative Sherwood Park - Fort Saskatchewan.

Looking at the platforms, you can see a great diversity in approaches in everything from the climate crisis to gun control.

If you agree that we face a climate crisis, you can choose the Green platform calling for rapid decarbonization, the NDP green jobs strategy or the Liberal carbon tax.

If you are less certain about this, then the Conservative program might work for you. It scraps the carbon tax and simply encourages innovation, which is the next thing to doing nothing. And if you think the whole climate crisis is crazy, then choose the People's Party.

If you hate gun control, any of the conservative parties will do. And if you want stronger gun control, vote Liberal.

But whatever you do, be sure to look closely even at the platforms offered by the old mainstream parties. These parties have changed a lot in the last decade. The Conservative party is now far less small-c conservative and far more right wing than in the past, for example.

I really don't think our Pro-Life super Christian incumbent Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament Garnet Genuis would have fit into the caucus led by former Progressive Conservative Prime Minister Joe Clark.

In other words, don't assume you know the party just because it's been around a long time.

Our new choices are equally worth investigating. Their platforms make fascinating reading, with a mix of very old and some new ideas. None of these parties are likely to appeal to many local voters, as all are on the far right fringe of politics. But they should not be ignored.

You have choices. And the choice you make on Oct. 21 will determine how well Canada deals with climate, the economy, social justice and much more.

Get informed and get out and vote.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

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Major choice to make this election

Just four candidates spoke to a small audience at Fort Saskatchewan's only federal election forum at the Shell Theatre Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Questions from the audience of just 70 people were aimed primarily at incumbent Garnet Genuis and Liberal candidate Ronald Thiering.

Thiering was challenged on the Liberals' failure to reform the voting system and both he and NDP candidate Aidan Theroux had their parties accused of not addressing the federal debt.

Genuis was questioned about his positions on climate change, the chance of ever getting the Conservative's energy corridor built, legalized cannabis and women's rights and income inequity.

He was also questioned about cuts to the Canada Pension Plan made under Harper and restored by the Liberals.

Other questions from the floor included one on Quebec's Bill 21.

Candidates were also asked questions from a media panel that included the Sturgeon Creek Post.

When asked for their position on a woman's right to an abortion, Genuis avoided answering.

He did say when asked, however, that he believed that there is a climate crisis and that it is caused by human actions. People's Party of Canada candidate Darren Villitard said he rejects that statement.

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The candidates remained polite to each other throughout the evening, the format of the event allowing each to answer every question without interruption.

Theroux did chastise Genuis once, however, for checking Google while other candidates were speaking.

Thiering ended the evening with praise for everyone. “In the end we all want what’s best for our communities,” he said. “We just differ in how to do it.”

Veterans Coalition Party candidate Patrick McElrea and Green party Candidate Laura Sanderson did not attend the forum.

Tuesday’s forum was organized by the Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce and the Edmonton Real Estate Council.

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 2019