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Volume 24, Number 11, Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Offices open as election begins

Flags in the City of Fort Saskatchewan dipped to half mast last Friday, March 15, following news of the massacre of 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch New Zealand that day.

The suspected shooter is a self-described white supremacist from Australia.

At least this time no one is trying to say the shooting was the work of muslim terrorists, as Conservative leaders tried to do following the 2017 shooting at a mosque in Quebec City.

The fact is, white supremacists are a serious threat. In Canada, they are perhaps the biggest threat we face as almost all mass shootings here have been done by white men.

It is a problem that deserves far more attention by law enforcement and political leaders. Conservative speakers blame brown immigrants for every kind of crime, while attending and encouraging radical Right rallies.

The Ku Klux Klan once ruled Alberta politics, able to place its own choices in such positions as the Mayor of Edmonton. The Klan never died, and has recently been joined by other white supremacist groups as the Sons/Wolves of Odin and anti-immigration elements of the Yellow Vest movement.

Even Fort Saskatchewan has seen the hateful "Fuck Off We're Full" stickers mimicking the racist movement of the same name in Australia. This has a troubling connection to the New Zealand shooting, where the suspect is an Australian extremist.

City of Fort Saskatchewan officials acted correctly this week, moving quickly to express sympathy with Christchurch. But I fear some other political leaders will be less effective. Our Member of Parliament, Garnet Genuis, refused to acknowledge the damage done by his own Conservative colleagues, who falsely blamed muslims for the Quebec shooting. Instead, he attacked a CBC columnist for pointing out the cold, hard fact the shooter was a Christian.

Genuis called this an attack on Christians.

Such attempts to divert attention from the real issues we face threaten the safety of all of us. It is time to stop pretending that white, Christian extremists might be our friends.

We need political leaders that recognize this fact.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Radical Right our biggest threat

The race is on, and Fort Saskatchewan voters have plenty to choose from on Alberta election day, April 16.

Incumbent Jessica Littlewood faces five challengers this time, including two from the new conservative parties, a Green Party candidate, and the candidate for the former Wildrose/Progressive Conservative parties.

Littlewood, first elected as part of the Rachel Notley tidal wave in 2015, says she is ready for another term. "I'm really proud to have been a rural MLA for the past four years."

"There is so much left to be done," Littlewood told a crowd of about 75 people at her campaign office opening in Fort Saskatchewan Saturday, March 16. "We are a government that listens to everyone, and not just a privileged few."

United Conservative Party candidate Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk held her campaign office opening in Fort Saskatchewan on Wednesday, March 13.

Armstrong-Homeniuk was a regional director with the former Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta and campaigned for United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenny, Conservative Party of Canada leader Andrew Scheer and local Member of Parliament Shannon Stubbs.

None of the other parties have campaign offices as yet.

Other candidates running for the Fort Saskatchewan - Vegreville seat include:

  1. Alberta Advantage party candidate Ron Malowany.

  2. Alberta Green Party candidate Rebecca Trotter.

  3. Alberta Party candidate Marvin Olsen.

  4. Freedom Conservative Party candidate Malcom Stinson.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019