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Volume 24, Number 36, Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Second garbage bin proposed

We no longer have a public school system.

Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division #14 has been officially renamed the Elk Island School Division.

Elk Island Catholic Separate Regional Division #41 remains the Elk Island Catholic School Division.

We are not alone. "Public" was removed from the official names of all school divisions in Alberta by a ministerial order dated August 15. The order took effect on September 1 and was reported by a number of independent media last week.

Mainstream media didn't pick it up until Monday.

Although the official name has been changed, school boards are still free to call themselves what they like on such things as signs and letterhead, Alberta's education minister Adriana LaGrange said Monday.

Edmonton Public Schools were officially Edmonton School Division #7 even prior to the order, she noted. "The changes made only affect eight of 41 public school divisions. The vast majority of public school divisions never included "public" in their title in the first place."

She calls the reason for this change technical and complicated.

She then explains that the new school act standardizes powers for all school boards, particularly their ability to trustee representation and ward boundaries. She doesn't explain what this has to do with the names of the school divisions.

It is good to hear that Elk Island Public Schools won't have to waste money on new signage and letterhead. But that doesn't change the fact this move was at best unnecessary.

LaGrange says she is not attacking public education and that those questioning her order are attempting "to cause unnecessary fear and stress in Alberta's education system."

What she should have done is apologize. Whatever her intentions, her unnecessary action created this fear and stress. Instead, she attacks those who question her.

Real leaders work for the whole community and recognize the opinions and sensibilities of others, even those who didn't vote for them.

But clearly this is not the United Conservative Party way.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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Minister should apologize for attack

Fort residents should soon be able to rent a second waste bin if they wish.

Most households are happy with the new waste program introduced last spring, City Council was told Tuesday, Sept. 10. Of the 1,704 residents taking a voluntary survey this spring, 63 per cent were satisfied with the program.

Many of those unhappy with the program have simply decided not to separate compostables, says waste programs supervisor Sadie Miller. But others generate too much waste because of medical needs or larger than usual households.

Overall the program is working well, however, she adds. The amount of garbage going to landfill has been cut in half since the program began.

Providing the option of paying a monthly fee for a second bin is the best solution for everyone, Miller said. Those who must have the option will therefore have to pay the cost, expected to be $12.50 per month plus a one-time $50 startup fee.

Moving to a weekly garbage pickup would force everyone to pay more, and discourage recycling and composting, she added. 

Council members said they like the idea of an optional user-pay second bin, and directed staff to bring the matter back with the necessary bylaw changes for approval before the end of October.

Several Council members expressed some concern, however. “I feel that sometimes we’re just giving up,” said Mayor Gale Katchur, who added that reducing waste is important to the future of our world.

Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019